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Brilliance Itself: The Epic Dr. Franken Flicker!

Brilliance Itself: The Epic Dr. Franken Flicker!

  • Vainglory
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  • Nov 02, 2017

Only morons keep their brains inside their skulls. Check out the Epic Dr. Franken Flicker’s innovative mind-stimulating medical technology!



  • Back-mounted smart battery
  • Dual-lens surgical safety goggles
  • Heavy-duty medical-grade rubber gloves
  • Laboratory smock
  • Abnormally genius brain floating in preservative fluid & encased in handy portable lantern


  • Bubbling fluid escapes from lantern
  • Electricity crackles on crit impact
  • Binding Light has a bubbling green gas crackling with lightning
  • Fairy Dust surrounds Flicker with a green electric gas that ends with an electric pop!
  • Preservative fluid splashes from the lantern with an electric burst during Mooncloak
  • Electric gas enshrouds Flicker and his allies while they are stealthed
  • Occasionally wears the brain lantern like a hat 


Evil Laughter Ensues

Here is the trouble with brains: they are encased in thick skulls where they cannot be properly stimulated except by brute and inaccurate force. In a feat of great brilliance, after several mostly-successful fairy brain removals, I have detached my own brain from my body. Here it is! Look at it! Isn’t it beautiful?

With this ingenious battery pack that I developed, I poke electric current into my brain when I wish to enjoy a new clever idea. Behold!


Ah-ha! A self-propelled machine with two juxtaposed blade cutters, each associated with an electric motor…


…and an electronic system for controlling the forward movement of said machine…


…hehehe ho ho oh my dear no. I must have stimulated the ticklish bit that time. Hehehehe… let’s make it stop now…


…with a memorized algorithm for seeking botanical surfaces to be utterly – hahaha! – mowed down. I shall call it the Lawn Mower. The Meekos won’t know what hit them! My genius astounds even me.

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