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Introducing the Legendary ‘Champion’s Fate’ Blackfeather Skin!

Introducing the Legendary ‘Champion’s Fate’ Blackfeather Skin!

  • Vainglory
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  • Apr 19, 2017


Blackfeather’s past has been shrouded in mystery … until now. Read on to discover more about ‘Champion’s Fate’ Blackfeather — his flashiest look yet. 




  • Blademaster’s Daughter ringed sword
  • Black feather cape
  • Bursting black feather attacks
  • Winged dragon-head pauldrons
  • Bladed armor and black leather pants
  • Flashy violet and gold ability and attack effects
  • Tumbling, spinning, feather bursting Rose Offensive
  • Brand new ornate hearts for Heartthrob stacks
  • New animations to accommodate new effects



The Blademaster’s Daughter

They say that on the quest for the Blademaster’s Daughter, Diego the goatherd became Blackfeather the Champion. But this is the whole story:

Diego was a weakling who dreamed of adventure. He pretended at swordplay in the fields with sticks, threatening napping goats who paid him no mind. Unlucky in love, he practiced kissing on pumpkins. When word of the imprisoned daughter flew through the village, Diego saw a chance for notoriety. On the back of his favorite goat, he set off toward the home of the Blademaster, the greatest swordsman in the hills.

The Blademaster was but the first of many overprotective fathers that Diego would face, but he was the most formidable. In twenty years, no one had beaten the Blademaster in combat. Diego was weak, but he was no fool. Standing on the back of his goat, he snuck into the Blademaster’s home through the armory window.

On every inch of the armory walls were hung blades of all kinds, but Diego was drawn to a glass case in the center of the room, where stood the Blademaster’s Daughter.

The Blademaster had, by magic means, imprisoned his daughter inside a ringed sword, so that she would always be safe from harm. The hilt rose above her lovely closed eyes. Her waist curved inward and her hips splayed out and down to form the blade itself. All fear melted from Diego as he looked upon this most gorgeous of weapons. His heart broke. He pressed his nose against the glass and fogged it up, in love for the first time.

The sword’s eyes opened.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“I am …” Diego paused. He could not very well call himself Diego. He made something up. “Blackfeather, my lady,” he said, and bowed with a flourish.

The Blademaster’s daughter smiled. “At last. A worthy champion! Kiss me, and I shall turn into a woman again, and be yours forever.”

“Right away!” Blackfeather’s mouth watered with the idea of kissing something other than a pumpkin. He leaned in close, his eyes fluttering closed.

Steps sounded on the stair. “My father,” cried the sword. “You must defeat him before you take me away on your horse.”

A key slid into the armory’s door lock.

Blackfeather grabbed ahold of the Blademaster’s Daughter and almost dropped her, as she was quite heavy. “We should do that horse part first,” he said.

“I hope your horse is very fast,” said the sword, “or my father will catch up to us on his mustang.”

“My horse is a goat,” admitted Blackfeather.

“Then I hope you are a champion fighter.”

The door creaked open.

“I have never fought a person before,” said Blackfeather, “but I have practiced many sweet moves on my own.”

“You will fail,” gasped the sword. “I will help you, and you can free me after.”

“I die every moment that my lips are not upon yours,” crooned Blackfeather.

When the Blademaster lunged into the armory, longsword at the ready, his daughter’s magic power flowed through Blackfeather. Muscle formed where before there had only been weakness. His shirt ripped apart and fell in tatters to the floor. Fancy armor protruded from his shoulders, shins, forearms and head. Black feathers sprouted from his shoulders and swept down like a cape.

“Have at you!” cried the Blademaster, and in Blackfeather’s hands the sword leaped to action and clashed with her father’s blade with a burst of dark feathers.

It is said that no one knows the weaknesses of a man more than his daughter. The Blademaster was lithe and strong for an old man, and would have slashed Blackfeather to bits, but the woman trapped in the sword had spent her life watching her father train and fight. She used his own knowledge against him, matching him blow for blow.

Blackfeather was carried along into the battle, doing nothing more than trying not to trip and fall as the swords clashed and sparked with gold and violet flames. At last, the Blademaster’s Daughter trapped her father’s sword in her jingling rings. He dropped to one knee. “Please,” he whispered, “do not leave me, my daughter.”

“You can no longer imprison me,” said the sword. “Blackfeather and I are in love. He is going to break the spell and take me away on his horse … goat. We will marry and live happily ever after!”

“Actually,” said Blackfeather, holding up one finger.

The Blademaster and his daughter looked at Blackfeather, who turned the sword over to admire it. “It would be a shame to destroy such a beautiful sword.”

“True,” said the Blademaster.

“Beautiful sword?” screamed the Blademaster’s daughter. “I’ll have you know I am a beautiful woman.”

“I do not doubt that,” said Blackfeather, “but there are many beautiful women, and only one such weapon.”

“If you keep her safe – and well oiled – I shall allow you to take her,” said the Blademaster.

“I promise you that, my friend,” said Blackfeather, and the two men shook hands while the sword screamed with contempt.

And that is how Blackfeather the Champion – or perhaps villain? – learned bladecraft. It is said he no longer wields the Blademaster’s Daughter, but no one knows why. Perhaps he freed her. Perhaps she turned on him, or perhaps Blackfeather grew bored with his first great conquest. The world may never know.

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