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Tony’s Rise: Fight Blackclaw!

Tony’s Rise: Fight Blackclaw!

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 24, 2018

You give chase, avoiding turrets and another pair of scary raven statues, these ones holding shields. By the time you catch up with Koshka, you’re heaving for breath a short distance from Blackclaw, who looks even bigger on the ground.

“Look, I’m just a demolition guy,” you whine.

“Psshh, Blackclaw is easysauce,” says Koshka.

“Comin’ through!” A huge masked guy, bent back with the weight of his huge gun, runs straight at Blackclaw – and before he can take one shot, he’s swallowed whole.

That’s easysauce?” you cry.

“Don’t be scared!” cries Koshka as she leaps onto the dragon’s tail.

Out from behind a clump of crystals, a giant Grangor runs toward Blackclaw with an axe. Behind him, a cowgirl takes aim with two pistols. The dragon snorts and whips around just in time for a mech to leap right on the dragon’s head. The mech’s driver is a girl holding on for dear life and whooping with joy.

“I’m… I’m not scared!” you yell. You run in right as the dragon shakes the mech off and roars. A stream of fire belches out of him, singeing your eyebrows. You deliver an uppercut to his long neck while the cowgirl litters him with bullet holes and the big Grangor slashes him with his axe. The mech unsheathes a giant sword and the girl drives in close. The dragon turns and roars its roasting rage.

With one last burst of courage you deliver a hard punch right to the dragon’s eye.

The cowgirl, the cat girl, the Grangor and the mech all back up. Blackclaw whimpers, shakes his head, then takes to the air.

“We did it!” Koshka grabs your power punchers and dances. “Now he’s gonna fight for us!”

“But I’m not really a fighter…”

“You’re one of us now,” calls Koshka, running after the dragon.

You run under the dragon’s shadow. He lands and, true to Koshka’s word, starts laying waste to anything in your team’s way. Turrets and armories shiver and explode under his terrifying claws; enemy heroes are burnt to a crisp. At the end of the road, shields topple off of the largest, glowiest crystal you’ve ever seen.

Koshka jumps on it with all fours, scratching at it. The Grangor’s axe and the cowgirl’s bullets create long cracks in it. You go at it with your punchers. The girl with the mech slams her fist down on a big red button and a blinding beam blasts out.

You jump away just in time. The crystal shivers, then explodes, flinging Koshka into your arms.

“Holy crap! That was awesome!” she yells. “Suck it, bad guys!”


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