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Tony’s Rise: Save the Minions!

Tony’s Rise: Save the Minions!

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 24, 2018


“Stop!” you yell. “This is madness!”

The little minions pause to stare at you in confusion. The circular blade whizzes past again, taking out one little fuzzy ear. The half-deaf minion squeals and picks up his lost ear, in shock.

“Go,” says the Captain Minion, and the minions start fighting again.

Don’t go!” you cry, and the minions stop again. “If you banded together, you could demand better treatment!”

“Better feet-wet!” cries the nearest minion, then they all start chanting. “Feet-WET! Feet-WET!”

“You should unionize!

“Onion-Eyes!” The minions climb onto one another’s shoulders until they are a tall, wobbling mass of fuzz. Even the enemy stops to watch as the unionized minions march past the Captain Minion. “ONION-EYES! ONION-EYES!”

The Captain Minion shakes his head as you guide the mass of minions back to the safety of the Sanctuary.


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